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Why God's Last Call?

Rightly studied, the Three Angels Messages found in Revelation 14 show the inhabitants of earth how to avoid receiving the mark of the beast. Are you prepared for the soon return of Jesus? He wants YOU to be with Him forever!

Our Motto: Bible Study & Prayer

"Don't believe a word I say...if you would prove faithful, you must study and pray!" This God's Last Call motto is applicable for all presenters of God's Word. Especially since we know that Satan himself can appear like an angel of light! (1 Cor.11:14) Jesus, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit must be relied upon to know what God expects from His children in these last days.

Our Method: Seven Life-Changing Presentations in One Weekend

Starting with a full gospel presentation, God's Last Call covers many important end-time topics such as: God's seal, true and false worship, hell-fire, and judgment. This single weekend seminar also reveals the dreaded beast and its mark.

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Having served as a preacher of the Everlasting Gospel & Three Angels Messages for the last 25 years, my desire is to share quality content and practical application through a slide presentation that moves people toward decision. The messages are geared toward helping both long-time church members and first-time seekers understand the urgency of the times we live in—and knowing Jesus as our only Hope!

-Tom Proudfoot, God's Last Call Director

Bowling Green, Ohio, United States


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